Friday, July 17, 2009

Boasting and Self-Pity

Andy Naselli: Another Dagger-Like Tweet from John Piper
Boasting is the response of pride to success. Self-pity is the response of pride to failure.
And here’s a follow up:
BOASTING: "I deserve praise because I’ve achieved so much."

SELF-PITY: "I deserve praise because I’ve endured so much."

I truly envy, in what I believe is a Godly way, John Piper's ability to be concise and profound, to present truth so effectively and yet so succinctly. Andy Naselli rightly describes this clip from Piper as dagger-like. I pray that God would sharpen me and by grace give me the skillfulness to present His truth in such a beneficial way to His people.

Which one of these manifestations of pride characterizes you more?

The root of both boasting and self-pity is pride. How does knowing that aid in your battle against sin?

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