Friday, June 10, 2011

Introducing: The Cripplegate

Last Saturday, as I gave an update on how things are going here for us at The Master's Seminary, I mentioned that there were many exciting things going on -- even outside of the classroom -- that I wish I had the time and space to write about. Well, God has granted the opportunity to report about one of them.

Jesse Johnson, who is the Local Outreach Pastor at Grace Community Church, and Nathan Busenitz, who is the Professor of Historical Theology at The Master's Seminary and an elder at Grace Church, recently began thinking about venturing again into the blogosphere. After kicking around some ideas, they decided to create a team blog with some folks related to Grace Church and TMS. Aside from the two of them, TMS alumni and pastors Clint Archer, Byron Yawn, and Josh Thiessen will join the team. Clint pastors Hillcrest Baptist Church in Durban, South Africa. He just released (what I think is) his first book, entitled The Preacher's Payday. Byron pastors Community Baptist Church in Nashville, and has written Well Driven Nails, a book on how to find your own voice as a preacher. And Josh pastors at Emmaus Bible Church in Omaha. He blogs at Sojourning Pastor.

And for some reason, these men have asked me to join them, and I have gratefully accepted. I praise God for the opportunity, and pray that He will grant that this labor of love will minister to and be a benefit to those who read.

I'm really looking forward to participating in a team blog, and especially to ministering with these men. I've had the privilege of getting know Nathan and Jesse as I've attended TMS and have worked in the membership department at Grace Church, and I'm blessed every time we interact. I look forward to cultivating similar relationships with the others and benefiting from their wisdom, their gifts, and their example.

The blog is called The Cripplegate. You can read what that name means and why we chose it by reading the inaugural post, which is up today. We would all be honored if you would follow the blog, would read it regularly, and even participate by entering the discussion along with us. Hope to see you in the comment threads!

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